Paul Washer – True Church Conference 2007 live-blogged by Timmy Brister

Paul Washer ministered as a missionary to Peru for 10 years, during which time he founded the HeartCry Missionary Society to support Peruvian church planters. HeartCry’s work now supports indigenous missionaries in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. An itinerant preacher, Paul also teaches in the internship program at his home church, First Baptist Muscle Shoals. He is the author of The One True God: A Biblical Study of the Doctrine of God. Ezekiel 36:22-29


There is a war of the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a sense in which men of God should weep; there is also a sense in which men of God should draw swords. This is about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to demonstrate how far we have gone in our gospel reductionism.

“Are you a sinner?”

“Do you want to go to heaven?”

“Would you like to pray to receive Christ?”

“Would you like to repeat this prayer after me?”

“Welcome to the family of God.”

That form of evangelism is a liar. ….”

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This is a very good sermon and I would be interested in attending the True Church Conference in 2009 to hear more of this.


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