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I got this email a couple of days ago.  At first I thought it was one of the many junk mails that I get due to the website.  However, upon checking it out I found it was a program that I had wondered about.  I had always thought the hover feature with Bible verses was neat and helped not have to write out as many verses.

After a little checking into the information we added it to my websites, both the blogger and the wordpress.  We meaning my techno geek son did the work and I watched him. 🙂   It seemed very simple although I couldn’t tell you how he did it.

Sorry to bug you, but my cousin ran across your site and forwarded it to me when he saw your profile said you were interested in the Bible. He thought I might want to tell you how to get any Bible reference you ever put on your site to have a cool automatic pop-up with the entire verse.


Just in case you’re interested, you can add it to your blog for free.


You watch how it works and then get the code here: http://www.logos.com/reftagger


There are already almost 2,000 Christian blogs using it. If you like it go ahead and put it on your site. It is really easy to add. Then if you want to help spread the word write a blog post about it!?


…and if you want to link to the best Bible Software in the world, just add a link in the layout section.


Here are some links you might want to add:


Logos Bible Software Blog  http://blog.logos.com


Bible Study  http://www.logos.com


I hope you like the Bible reference tagger, it will work automatically for your blog once you add it. It will make every Bible reference you type from now on automatically linked, and it will also take any Bible reference you typed on any old posts and automatically link that too!


If you want a tutorial on how to add it to blogger, go to the post here:








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I have to say I’m not real familiar with the Logos Bible Program.  My husband has used Biblesoft’s PC Study Bible for a decade or more.  But if you do not have a Bible study computer program once you get started using one you will be surprised at how much benefit you get.


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