The Shift !?!

I got an email from Slice of Laodicea entitled The Shift is Underway. I would have probably not paid any attention to it except I had just recently seen a local church which has a pastor’s blog named Shift. I am not sure if they are in anyway related but it was interesting to me since I knew nothing about “The Shift“.

Some of the supporters of “The Shift” are:

Al Gore

Marianne Williamson

Deepak Chopra

Willow Creek’s Emergent & Mystical Youth Conference

Willow Creek’s “Shift” Youth Conference 2008 features the emergent & mystical…

A “Shift” Is Coming {Link no longer available}

Such New Age luminaries as Marianne Williamson, Dennis Kucinich and Deepak Chopra are featured on this short film, The Shift. (Note the title.) Brian McLaren’s site is called They’re all about a shift into a new paradigm.

Turns out I did know about this from Oprah and Tolle earlier this year. I just did not realize that “The Shift” was a movement and an upcoming movie.

Paul Proctor’s OPRAH AND THE GOSPEL OF ME had mentioned them together way back in April.

If you break it all down, the New Age is, at its core, just spiritual narcissism – cloaked in charity, compassion and unity.

Remember this next time you see celebrities, authors, books, movies and commercials promoting The New Earth – The Secret – The Shift and The Moses Code.


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