“We Went Out To Change The World And The World Changed Us”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Addressing trustees of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Richard Land said the state of the culture reflects the reality that it has influenced the people of God more than the people of God have influenced society.

Land, president of the Southern Baptist moral concerns entity, said the only hope for a reversal of this tide is a “heal the land” kind of blessing from God.

“We went out into the world to change the world and the world changed us,” Land lamented in remarks during the annual ERLC trustee meeting Sept. 16-17 in Nashville, Tenn.

As someone who came to maturity during the 1960s, Land said he could never have imagined that today 45 percent of the population could claim to be born-again Christians and yet the country be in the shape it is.

“The change that America needs is not going to start in Washington, D.C.,” Land said, calling government a “lagging indicator.” The government will change when the people change, he said.

The Baptist Press has a post about the salute to Richard Land and his 20 years of service to the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee. These quotes are from Land’s speech more can be found in the article – Land tells trustees: revival urgently needed.


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