Is Bible Reading Boring You? Here Are Some Updated Styles

Bible reading has become so boring to the average “Christian” that publishers are doctoring it up. Can you believe that pictures of Angelina Jolie and Martin Luther King, Jr. are now found in some of the new Biblezines?

New Bibles alter form – not word – to draw readers (Link no longer available)

“In a visually literate, advertising-skeptical age – how do you grab people’s attention?” Gutjahr asked. “Mixing the biblical text with Angelina Jolie doesn’t surprise me.”

First published in Sweden last year, “Bible Illuminated: The Book” is the glossy fashion magazine-style publication that features Jolie. It looks like it might be more at home on a coffee table or the nightstand of the latest hipster hotel than a church.

Norton said sales of “Bible Illuminated” in Sweden, where an estimated 60,000 Bibles are sold each year, reached 30,000 in its first year. They are hoping for similar success in the U.S. and plan to release the New Testament in October and potentially the Old Testament in March. In the U.S., the New Testament is already pre-selling on Amazon and Illuminated World has contracts with most major bookstores.

Divine Health Biblezine? {Broken Link}

Biblezines Keep it Relevant {Broken Link}

The Revolve Teen Girls Proverbs Biblezine asks, “Are You Trendy or Traditional?” Yes, that’s definitely a question that the author of Proverbs would ask. Here’s the Biblezine cover that looks like it belongs on a Clearasil ad.

Than there’s what I call the Gangsta Biblezine. We’re told:

“The diverse Hip Hop culture has its own music, its own fashion sense, and its own language. Now it also has its own connection to the timeless truths of the New Testament. Presenting REAL, the one Biblezine designed and written especially for this vibrant urban crowd. REAL represents a major opportunity to satisfy souls with
God’s Word. Includes audio CD.”


2 thoughts on “Is Bible Reading Boring You? Here Are Some Updated Styles

  1. Did you know that reports that 65% of bible-readers have never read the entire New Testament? Other reports back these numbers up and point to Biblical illiteracy in our society. Not reading God’s Word is commonplace nowdays.

    Audio Bibles are a great way for those who don’t, won’t or can’t read to be engaged in God’s Word. Faith Comes By Hearing is a non-profit ministry that has audio New Testaments in 321 languages available for free download.


  2. Mr. Wilke,

    I believe that statistic because I have seen the same in my own church. As the church librarian, I saw that no one here really even reads anything, much less the Bible. When we received a donation of money one year, Audio Bibles in CD and MP3 formats was what I purchased. I hoped to get others to fall in love with the Bible again.

    Berean Wife


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