Lordship of Christ Conference 2008: The Holy Scriptures – summary

We spent the weekend at this conference. We enjoyed the teaching, fellowship and food.

Dominion Baptist Church
Birmingham, Alabama

We were introduced to Steve Skinner, a member of Dominion Baptist, who has Iachod Visuals. They have a new video out about “The Young Sun,” there is also a short video clip about the sun here. I am looking forward to finding more out about this ministry. The video “The Young Sun” is too be distributed by Creation Ministries International the Australian parent of Answers in Genesis in the USA.

Another speaker at the conference was Craig Branch of Apologetics Resource Center in Birmingham, Alabama. His topic was “Is the Bible Written By Man and Full of Errors?.” He covered lots of ground and really gave an introduction to many different areas of attack the Bible is under lately. He discussed a Bill O’Reilly interview and then Peter Jennings’s Jesus Seminar Special. The article Answering The Search for Jesus–An ABC special hosted by Peter Jennings (Monday, June 26, 2000) covers some of the information discussed.

Jim Gables, of Grace Abounding Bible Ministries, spoke on “Christ’s Use Of The Scriptures“. I could not keep up with my notes as he quoted verse after verse of Jesus’ quotes and references to Old Testament scriptures.


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  1. Hi there, thanks for having us in your blog! I am the 3D animator for Iachod Visuals, we are currently doing website upgrades and maintenance, therefore the links won’t work properly. Iachod Visuals should be back in next following weeks Lord willing, our apologies for the inconvenience.


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    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be sure to check out the updated site when it is up.

    Berean Wife


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