Regeneration vs Decisionism – Paul Washer

Just Sunday morning I sat through a service that included the statement:

“With every eye closed and every head bowed – no one is going to be looking around; raise your hand if ….”

I’m still looking for that verse or even concept in my Bible. Maybe I don’t have the same version they have?

Does this happen in Denominations other than Baptist or is this specifically a Baptist idea?

Paul Washer’s DEEPER Living Waters Conference October 10, 2008 Session

Paul Washer speaks against the misuse of Scripture in the understanding of salvation.



One thought on “Regeneration vs Decisionism – Paul Washer

  1. This is an awesome sermon. As far as your question about only Baptists or other churches doing this, we go to a non denomination church which leads toward Assembly of God and they do this. We occasionally attend a Baptist church which does not. Both churches preach the doctrine of regeneration and repentance.


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