A Vacation to go to Church ?

We visited a small, local church Wednesday night because time didn’t allow for us to get to the churches we prefer to attend but that are a long drive for us.  During the sermon, the preacher complained about people taking vacations and not going to church.  My husband gave me a funny look at that statement.

You see we are taking a vacation in order to go to church.  We are driving out of town today and staying in a state park just outside of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Jeff Noblit‘s church Grace Life Church of the Shoals is in Muscle Shoals.  We will be visiting his church for Sunday morning and evening.  Paul Washer also attends this church but isn’t scheduled to preach.

My husband and I have been in Southern Baptist Churches all our lives but never one that was reformed in their theology.  We are interested in seeing a Reformed Southern Baptist Church such as Grace Life.  There has to be some good reason that Jeff Noblit, Paul Washer, Albert Mohler and Voddie Baucham are all still Southern Baptist.

So I will be out of pocket for a few days.  Please go ahead and leave comments they will just be held in moderation until I get back to them.  I have a few Noblit and Washer videos scheduled over the next couple of days so you can see why the interest in their church.


2 thoughts on “A Vacation to go to Church ?

  1. I Would like to call the True Church Conference a vacation, except when it was over I needed a day to rest from allof the spirit lifting, thought provoking, Drinking from a fire Hydrant (ala Ray Comfort) Preaching. Southern Baptist need to return to their roots and re-establish what a convention is. (It’s not a Episcopal Hierarchy in Nashville) Soli Deo Gloria, A Reformed Baptist in the SBC.


  2. Chris,

    We really did enjoy the True Church Conference. But I admit that I was on overload by the end. It is rare to hear so many seriously good sermons packed together. I found my note taking did decrease, not due to the sermons, but just from having to think harder about what I was hearing. (It didn’t help that I was on cold medicine. 🙁 ) I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to attend.

    Berean Wife


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