Our Visit to Grace Life Church – Jeff Noblit’s Church

We visited Grace Life Church this past Sunday. Several people have asked for me to tell them all about the services.

Isaiah was nice enough to introduce me to a friend that attends Grace Life Church. We were able to meet Brother Ed and his wife just before the services started. Thank you, Isaiah and Brother Ed.

Our usual seat in our previous church was the third row on the very right side of the platform and this time we ended up sitting in the fourth pew back on that side. Since we were so close and obviously new Pastor Noblit came down and shook our hands during the greeting time. The church was friendly enough and several people came up and greeted us before, during and after the services.

For those that live near B’ham the church was very similar in style to Dawson or Shades Mountain Baptist but not quite as large, maybe 500 – 700 people. One of the first things I noticed is that here were no hymnals in the pews. The words to the songs are projected on the two large overhead screens. The songs they sang were a combination of hymns and praise and worship songs. The robed choir sang a selection. Then they left the loft, very quietly, during a prayer and joined the sanctuary.

The sanctuary has an orchestra pit behind the podium area. It consisted of guitars, keyboards, drums, timpani, woodwinds, and brass instrumentalist. My daughter was disappointed that it didn’t seem to have strings, her favorite. A grand piano is on the platform played by Jeff Noblit’s wife. (We did met Pastor Noblit’s in-laws and they were very nice.)

Pastor Noblit is in the middle of a series on Finances. That Sunday morning the sermon was How to Be Financially Successful p2 – Spend Responsibly. For the evening service, the sermon was on Jonah – Sustaining Faith. Both sermons were very good and clearly defended the sovereignty of the Lord in all that occurs. I’ll post notes and links later.

My husband and children all enjoyed the services and would go back regularly except for the drive. I enjoyed the sermons, but must admit that I prefer more hymns and less Praise and Worship music. In addition, the music was louder than I care for, but my son (previous sound technician) says that was one of the loudest spots due to the speaker placement and our proximity to them. I can’t say it was wrong or bad just a matter of taste.

The church’s website states “We are sovereign grace in doctrine, Baptist in polity, and charismatic in worship.” I had wondered what “charismatic in worship” meant months ago and was reminded of that phrase just before we left to visit. It depends on what the definition of charismatic is but according to our family we wouldn’t have said charismatic but maybe joyful praise.

For those that will ask, no we didn’t see Paul Washer.

Voddie Baucham’s church would be very interesting to visit but someone else will have to do that since it is in Texas. His church is Southern Baptist also but it is also family integrated which we would like.

Thank you Berean Husband for planning our trip.


2 thoughts on “Our Visit to Grace Life Church – Jeff Noblit’s Church

  1. Hello and greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ,
    My name is Shannon Ayers and I am a member of Grace Life Church. Your blog popped up in my Google alerts, and I wanted to say ‘Hi” and welcome you to Grace Life Church. I was not there on Sunday (Bro. Sean Reece and I were in Laurel, MS to share about HeartCry with a church there), but I did want to express thanks to you and your husband for visiting with us. I pray it was an edifying time for you all, and welcome you back if God should so lead.

    Thanks for your blog. I’m going to forward it to my wife and my 13 year-old daughter. May God richly bless you in our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

    Looking to Him,
    Shannon Ayers

    Donor Relations Coordinator
    HeartCry Missionary Society


  2. Thank you for the kind words. We would return if we get a chance. Right now we are trying to work out attending the True Church Conference in February.

    We did enjoy your church and wish that there were a similar church close to us. The 2 1/2 hour drive rules Grace Life out as a permanent church home though. We have recently left a SBC church due to developing problems with a man-centered gospel as opposed to a Christ-centered gospel.

    May the Lord bless your work with HeartCry. If I or my website can help in any way feel free to let me know.

    Berean Wife


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