Teaching About Sin is Considered Child Abuse?

Those of us who are free to Homeschool and raise our children as we wish should be prayerful that our freedom is not taken for granted. Before long the government will decide that not allowing children to do what ever they want is child abuse. Teaching them about the sin in their lives will be considered child abuse.

The following problem is what we as Christians have to expect in the future if we strive to raise our children as the Lord would have us to. The comments on Jean’s website are so full of hatred and many even come from those who claim to be Christians. Just because her daughter knows she sins and needs a Savior!

Prayers Needed! Sister’s Daughter May Be Taken From Her for Child Abuse! (wedsite gone)

Have bad news the NSPCC have tracked me down. They have found me and knocked on my door today. I am abusing Nakai emotionally. They could take her away.


For the background on this story see: A Beautiful Story That Some Call “Child Abuse” (website gone)


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