The Southern Baptist Convention is not Christian Enough

The Southern Baptist Convention is not Christian enough according to Tom Ascol. I must say I agree with the assessment.

The Other Resurgence by Tom Ascol

…at the heart of this movement is not a desire to “Calvinize” the SBC, but to “Christianize” it. You read that correctly. The great problem with many churches in the Southern Baptist Convention is not that they are not Calvinistic enough, but that it is not Christian enough.

Either Christ is Lord of the church, or He is not. If He is, then local churches have no choice but to follow His clear teaching about how churches are to function. Historically, Baptists have been champions of this principle and have been the vanguard of advocating regenerate church membership and church discipline. The sad but incontrovertible fact is that most Southern Baptist churches give only lip service to these teachings of Christ, if they regard them at all.


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