The Gospel Can Be Found Even In Tragedy

A very sad series of events have forever joined to families in grief. Please pray for Pastor Bart Barber and the Scroggs families. They have a funeral today. But the post link that follows written by Pastor Bart Barber is his recognition of the gospel being present in even very tragic times.

Thoughts from a Man Who Can’t Stop Thinking

…There you go. That’s the way I see it. God’s masterpieces tempted to do very dangerous and foolhardy things and meeting up with terrible consequences that too often destroy them and hurt everyone at ground zero. This is the story even of good people.

Are we doomed just to suffer with this condition? Knowing the Lord, I recognize the gospel in there. This story is exactly what the Bible says about us. It further says that God did an intervention. Jesus took the worst of our consequences upon Himself. He saves us and then sends us out to warn people away from the danger while we’re walking with them. When they don’t listen, even when we’ve done everything that we can, it hurts something awful. I don’t even want to imagine what it feels like when we didn’t do anything to stop it. …


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