What Are We Doing To Our Children?

Girls aged 5 sexualised by toys like Bratz dolls, MSPs told

Bratz dolls, which have been challenging Barbie for supremacy in the girls’ toy market, were condemned by the NSPCC as the committee opened an inquiry into increasing levels of sexual imagery in goods aimed at children.

Tom Narducci, a senior consultant for the NSPCC, criticised the way dolls were dressed in short skirts and fishnet stockings and said they were sexualising girls as young as five.

Years ago a young 11 year old girl was abducted at the school bus stop. Her body was found two years later. But the lasting impression I have is the pictures of the pink “Bratz” outfit she was wearing with the word “Bratz” written across the chest and the buttocks of the outfit when they were searching for her. I have always wondered if the choice of clothing had anything to do with the abduction.

What do we teach our little girls?

THEY toddle onto the stage like a procession of miniature pole dancers. Their cheeks glow with all the health of peach blusher and their lips pout under sticky pink lip gloss.

They are five.

Only two years ago the hips clad in electric-blue hot pants were wrapped in layers of Huggies.

High heels for babies: Cute or creepy?

Some people are getting a big kick out of an emerging fashion trend for babies — high heel crib shoes for girls too young to walk. Others are certain it’s yet another sign that the republic really is going to perdition in a handbasket.

… a little disturbing that we are trying to create mini Carrie Bradshaw just a little too early.


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