Who Have You Given Your Children To?

This may seem harsh, but the conclusion I have arrived at, over the years, is that if you, as a Christian, are sending your children to public school you are, at the very least, giving your children a potential disadvantage and strikes against them in their Christian walk. At the worse, you are disobeying God and offering your children up to idols for the sake of money, time, or a pagan education. See the statements that Voddie Baucham makes concerning public schools in this video.

Voddie Baucham’s Book Family Driven Faith is one of the best modern parenting books I have read. My husband even says the same thing.

If you are a parent or a pastor this book is worth reading. Parents need to think about all the preconceived notions their public school education has left them with concerning parenting. Pastors need to see how churches have been influenced my man’s opinions and the public school mentality for years. We as Christians are losing our children! According to research 70 – 88 percent of our “Christian” children are leaving the church by their second year in college.

Almost 9 out of 10 children are rejecting the faith their parents have thought they taught them.

I will post more about the book over the next few days.

Thank You to Lady of Virtue for the video.


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