True Church Conference 2009 – Music

On Friday night of the True Church Conference, after Voddie Baucham’s sermon, there was a time of questions and answers with him and with Thomas Clay about music. Thomas Clay is Grace Life’s music minister.  There was a packed room of people to hear the questions and answers about music in the church.

There was no way that I could make notes because there wasn’t even elbow room. 🙂  We sat in the floor of the room. But Voddie Baucham told about his reasons for taking piano lessons so that he could lead in his family’s worship. He also told about how when he visited a pastor in Africa, he questioned why they didn’t use drums in their worship service. The African pastor pointed out that many false, pagan religions in their country use drums as an integral part of their worship. Thus, his church did not use drums so as to not be offensive to the sensibilities of those who have been drawn from the false worship of idols.

Thomas Clay has posted the songs that were sung during the conference on his website, Doxology.

2009 True Church Conference Pt. 1

2009 True Church Conference Pt. 2

2009 True Church Conference Pt. 3

I have to admit that when I saw the number of worship sessions just prior to each sermon I wasn’t thrilled. Hymns and singing are very enjoyable, but most large group conferences tend to have very contemporary and loud music. My thoughts were that we might just skip the worship times after the first service. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised. The music was not too loud and the words of the songs were very good. I specifically enjoyed Thomas Clay’s song God of Grace God of Love, especially since we had been singing this song with a much older and harder tune at a church we have been visiting. My husband and I attended each worship session and it was very interesting to hear the depth of singing produced by 1000 people, most of which were pastors.


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