What Are We Doing To Our Children? #2

Special ed teacher resigns after slapping child at lunch

An elementary school teacher in Cobb County who allegedly slapped an 11-year-old student on the arm for taking an extra piece of pizza is out of a job.

Cobb County police said 39-year-old Angela Lynette Franklin of Austell was arrested Jan. 7, a day after she resigned as a special education teacher.

Franklin was charged with simple battery. Police said the incident occurred Dec. 16 at Fair Oaks School in Marietta.

Franklin posted a $1,000 bond and was released from custody. She’s scheduled to make an initial court appearance March 13.

I have been so guilty of battery. 🙂 Back when my oldest was a preschooler, before I realized the harm VBS can cause, I worked in the nursery during VBS. All churches and schools have that particular child that no one wants to watch – not even the parent! You know the one that never obeys or does what he is told. Well, I had that particular child plus several other preschoolers during VBS. After the fourth or fifth time of telling the child to stop slamming the cabinet drawers and all efforts of distraction had failed, I performed battery and damaged that child for life. 🙂 Just an exaggeration, like the above episode.

I spanked that child’s hand and low and behold he finally got the message. Now all the other children’s fingers weren’t in jeopardy! But then I had disobeyed the childcare instructions for working in a nursery. I guess it was better to have let a child’s fingers be squashed and then filled out the obligatory incident report. But then I was also regularly disobedient to the childcare instructions because I would hug and hold the children. I’ve even been known to kiss “boo-boos“. Hugging, holding and kissing were discouraged in the fear of inappropriate behavior. This is the fruit of our childcare system even in many larger churches.

1) You cannot punish in any useful manner. Ever tried a timeout with a child that knows you can not make them stay put?

2) You can’t share love with the children for fear of being accused of inappropriate behavior.

No wonder so many children grow up depressed. They grow up feeling unloved because those who spend the most time with them can’t discipline nor show love to them.

Prov 3:11-12
11 My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of his reproof,
12 for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights.

Texting made easy for your tot: At least new LeapFrog toy will keep ’em off your cell!

Toddlers can soon obsessively text and type like their parents on a pint-sized personal digital assistant made by LeapFrog.

Unveiled at a toy fair in England, the Text & Learn will land in the United States this summer – and perhaps prove as addictive as the real-life “crackberry” is to adults.

Is your child a text-aholic?

While most of us don’t have teens who are logging 35,000 text messages a month (the average is 1742/month among teens 13-17), we would still be wise to have some boundaries in place to ensure that our tweens and teens don’t become so focused on texting that they miss out on life. One concern that I have regarding texting is the need or compulsion to immediately read an incoming message and reply.

While serving as chaperon on a recent bus trip with an orchestra group, I was made aware of an interesting fact about texting. A couple of the parents were chaperoning on a different bus than their student. When the parents tried to call the student often the cell phone was not answered but when texting the reply was instantaneous. Why???

What is it about the instant texting? Why can a child or even an adult not be out of contact with friends for anytime? Can you imagine these teens as adults trying to work or raise families?

Even our President can’t do without his BlackBerry!

Obama wins battle to keep BlackBerry

Not even White House lawyers could pry President Obama’s cherished BlackBerry from his hands.

The President won a months-long battle with his legal beagles, who feared his device might lead to some private e-mails becoming part of the public presidential record and open his e-mail to hackers.


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