Worship Volume

I found the following article very interesting. At our previous church several of the church members and even the music leader all said they were deaf in one ear. Why? My thought was that they prefered the music too loud.

Memo to Worship Bands

Can you hear me? You can? I’m sorry if I am shouting, but I have just spent half an hour in a church service with a typical worship band, and my ears are ringing. I’m sure to be fine in a minute. Or hour. Or day—I hope.

Why does everything every Christian musician performs nowadays seem to require high amplification?

Volume Levels and Hearing Safety at Covenant Life Church  (pdf from Bob Kauflin’s Church)

Of late, we have also become aware that some people have hearing problems that may cause a level of physical discomfort due to certain sounds or the overall volume. If this is your experience, please know that we are very sorry for the discomfort. The discomfort does not necessary mean that your hearing is being damaged. You may want to have your hearing checked by a professional audiologist to learn if there is anything you can do to reduce the discomfort.

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