Modest Fashion Week – March 9 – 13

This might be a very interesting discussion on modesty. I have enjoyed reading the posts at Stay-At-Home Missionary for quite a while. I think you ladies will enjoy the discussion also.


modest fashion week

Beauty, Modesty, and Femininity from Stay-At-Home Missionary

Now, I know that many people have many different ideas of what modesty is and what modesty is not. I know that some who will visit will think that the standards are too low, others will think standards are too high. Yet, we have to start somewhere. Simply not talking about the subject because someone might be offended isn’t the answer. What is the answer? Grace. My hope and prayer is that as we begin on the topic of modesty, that we will all extend one another grace. If we disagree, that’s okay, let’s discuss, while being gracious toward one another. Agreed?!

Grace also means the absence of legalism. Legalism, simply put, is trying either consciously or sub-consciously to earn or in some way add to what Christ did on the cross. There is no room for legalism in this series. This series is about joyfully seeking to honor God in the way we dress.


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