I have been researching this subject for the last few weeks.

Atonement – Limited, Particular, Definite, Unlimited, General, Universal

I can not believe the animosity that this subject generates.

Personally, I had never heard of the disagreements until the last fall.

See I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and the sum of what I got was “Jesus died for my sins” and that “Jesus loves me”.

When questions about election arose they were usually dealt with in the sense that “The Elect” are those that God knew would choose to be saved.

But generally election and atonement were not covered.

I had since this fall read a little on the general views about atonement but not in depth. That was not a pressing issue to me. I know Jesus died for “the Elect”. So that was enough for me.

There is a big difference between hearing a sermon that can be summed up in “Jesus Loves You and has a wonderful plan for you” and a sermon that calls “Sinners to repentance and dependence on the Lord.”

There are so very many verses that seem to say different things but we can’t interpret Scripture ourselves we must let Scripture interpret Scripture.

I have heard a myriad of phrases:

“sufficient for all, but efficient for the elect.”

But I’m still working through piles of verses. Although Limited atonement seems to make the most sense I haven’t reconciled all the Unlimited Atonement verses yet.

Where do you stand and what was your deciding factor?


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