Church Is For Relationships !?!

Saddleback Church baptizes 800 in one day

“God never meant for you to go through life alone; you need relationship, you need a spiritual family,” Warren said in the statement. “The Bible says the church is the support and foundation of the truth.”

“My life changed when I took Class 101,” Walls told the Orange County Register. “God used it to help me understand more of what He intended in a relationship. I learned the difference between ritual and a relationship with God.”

What is missing in these statements?




They are all replaced with relationship!

Can some one point me to a Bible verse that says that Christ died just so we can have a relationship with God?

It’s Membership Madness at Saddleback {Link broken}

Does “Rick” have any idea how arrogant it sounds to tell people to join because HE will be personally teaching the class? Where is Jesus Christ in all this? Where’s the Gospel? “Rick” dreams of seeing a Second Pentecost. But wait! The individuals at Pentescost were being converted to Christ, not joining an institutional church. Pentecost was about the Holy Spirit descending from Heaven with fire, turning hearts to believe the Gospel that was preached with power and authority.


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