Recession Just Might be Good For Christian Music

Music in Recession

Once upon a time, artists—particularly in Christian music—never expected to make a living. They were in it with a passion for art and service. When some started to succeed, many saw Christian music as an opportunity to make money. A new economic expectation emerged, and the art and the passion were often diluted. Thompson thus sees a silver lining to the cloud of recession. “The lack of monetary benefit has filtered out some of the people who should not have been doing this in the first place,” he says. “If the people who are in it for the money are gone, it leaves more turf for those who had something a little bit loftier in mind.”

… Downhere’s Germain puts it this way: “I think you’ll see people who have a valid voice finding it in a better place, people that didn’t have a valid voice finding new careers in different industries, and artists that had nothing to say going away.”


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