Sacred Harp Convention

Sacred Harp Singing – this link will explain Sacred Harp singing. As you will see in the videos, arm waving and foot stomping have been in the church for hundreds of years. 😀

The Thirtieth Annual National Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Birmingham, Alabama

June 18, 19, and 20, 2009

First Christian Church

4954 Valleydale Road

At a sacred harp convention you will find a wide range of people (young to old), from a variety of backgrounds (raised in the church to those interested in folk art) and people come from Europe, Canada, and all over the USA. There will be folks dressed for church and there will be a few younger people with jeans, T-shirts and piercings.

If you’ve never been to a sacred harp singing give it a try, at least you’ll get a “dinner on the grounds” out of it. 😀


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