Southern Baptists – Changing Quickly

Southern Baptists are quite different then just a few years ago! I know because I grew up Southern Baptist and we didn’t have ballet for worship services or worry about other churches having known homosexuals on staff.

Classical ballet at Pastors’ Conference

… Riley and her church, First Baptist Church of North Mobile, are working to reclaim the arts in worship. While the choir sings, artist Brian Daniel will paint with his hands during one song. In another set, Riley will move in fluid rhythm to an orchestra of violins, electric guitars and other instruments.

“We want to add another dimension to worship,” music minister Jason Breland said. “It will be wonderful if people experience the presence of God and the worship of God in a way that they haven’t experienced before.”…

Southern Baptist EC recommends ceasing relationship with church over homosexuality

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee recommended in a unanimous vote Monday afternoon that the denomination cease its relationship with Broadway Baptist Church, a Fort Worth, Texas, congregation that has been the source of controversy over its stance on homosexuality.

The Executive Committee’s recommendation will be considered by SBC messengers during the annual meeting Tuesday or Wednesday.

At issue is whether the church is in violation of Article III of the SBC Constitution, which states that churches “which act to affirm, approve, or endorse homosexual behavior” are not in friendly cooperation. Broadway Baptist has approximately five open homosexual members, including two male couples, according to church leaders. Some of the homosexuals serve on church committees. …

What Rick Warren talks about with the Islamic Convention attenders will be very interesting. You think he will say anything about them believing in a false god?

“Islamic Society reaches out to other faiths” (Link Broken)

For Warren, author of the best-selling “The Purpose Driven Life” who gave the invocation at Obama’s inauguration, the visit to a Muslim convention also fits, said Tulane University assistant sociology professor Shayne Lee, co-author of “Holy Mavericks: Evangelical Innovators and the Spiritual Marketplace.”

Warren has conducted workshops with Jewish rabbis, Lee said, offering tips on how to build their congregations, and established ties with the gay rights community in California. He also was unafraid to endure criticism from conservatives about his role in the Obama inauguration.


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