John MacArthur in the Washington Post

The Washington Post has a guest article by John MacArthur. What I find so sad is the comments, not just the ones from nonbelievers, but those who claim to be Christians. Seems they only read certain portions of Scripture.

But no matter what I am thrilled that The Washington Post would have such an article.

Read the Gospels: JC is not PC by John MacArthur

Let’s be brutally honest: most of Jesus’ teaching is completely out of sync with the mores that dominate our culture.

I’m talking, of course, about the Jesus we encounter in Scripture, not the always-gentle, never-stern, über-lenient coloring-book character who exists only in the popular imagination. The real Jesus was no domesticated clergyman with a starched collar and genteel manners; he was a bold, uncompromising Prophet who regularly challenged the canons of political correctness.

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