The Wicked Bible

Just for those Biblical history buffs here is another one in the history books.

Did you know that there was published in 1631 a KJV Bible that was called the “Wicked Bible”?

The “Wicked Bible” was published by Barker & Lucas. In the type setting a word was left out. Some words being accidentally left out make a big difference in the sentence.

The word left out was “not”. A missing “not” makes a huge difference, especially when it is in this verse.

Exodus 20:14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. KJV

So the Bibles they printed said:

Exodus 20:14 Thou shalt commit adultery. KJV

Talk about getting in trouble! They were fined a huge sum and lost their printing license.

Although 1000 copies were printed, King Charles I declared that all should be destroyed. Nevertheless around eleven of the Bibles survived.

The “Wicked Bible” (“Adulterous Bible” or “Sinners Bible”) is very rarely seen.

There is one in the New York Public Library Collection, although not displayed. There is also one in the Bible Museum in Branson, Missouri.

Adding to the exciting and Bible packed summer we’ve had in Gadsden, Alabama, we will have a “Wicked Bible” on display from August 15th – September 6th as part of the Ink & Blood Display.

If you get a chance come to Gadsden, Alabama to see:

~ “The Wicked Bible” – August 15th – September 6th

~ Ink & Blood – until October 31, 2009

~ History of the English Bible – Monday, June 29, 2009 – Wednesday, August, 19, 2009 Listing of Bibles


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