And “You” Think Finances Are Tight?

I have been made aware of a young family that is working hard at living off of under $1000 dollars a month. The young mom, Emily, is working hard, at home, in order to be able to be home with her children. How many families are living at this level of income and yet the mother is dedicated to being home with her children and being obedient to the Lord.

Give her website a visit. Under $1000 per Month: How a Family of Four Happily Thrives on Less Than $1000 a Month.

Thankfully, we have been blessed and do not have to live on such a tight budget. But even so I have learned something from her website. Cooking Bread in a CrockPot This could be useful sometime, such as in a hotel or camping.

I must admit that I’ve also been convicted about spending so much just because I can spend it.

There have been many negative comments that have been critical of the way her family is living, especially the fact that they still tithe while making so little.  While I might not have made all the same choices she has made, I would work just as hard at being home with the children.

Pray that her husband gets a good raise or an even better job.


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