Need Any More Reasons?

A wide variety of encouraging reasons for homeschooling your children.

New Nationwide Study Confirms Homeschool Academic Achievement

… In short, the results found in the new study are consistent with 25 years of research, which show that as a group homeschoolers consistently perform above average academically. The Progress Report also shows that, even as the numbers and diversity of homeschoolers have grown tremendously over the past 10 years, homeschoolers have actually increased the already sizeable gap in academic achievement between themselves and their public school counterparts-moving from about 30 percentile points higher in the Rudner study (1998) to 37 percentile points higher in the Progress Report (2009). …

In a letter to his daughter Abigail, John Adams wrote:

In your solitary hours, my dear daughter, you will have a delightful opportunity of attending to the education of your children, to give them a taste and attachment to study, and to books. A taste for science and literature, added to a turn for business, never can fail of success in life. Without learning, nothing very great can ever be accomplished in the way of business. But not only a thirst for knowledge should be excited, and a taste for letters be cultivated, but prudence, patience, justice, temperance, resolutions, modesty, and self-cultivation, should be recommended to them as early as possible. The command of their passions, the restraints of their appetites, reverence for superiors, especially parents, a veneration for religion, morals, and good conduct.

You will find it more for your happiness to spend your time with them in this manner, than to be engaged in fashionable amusements, and social entertainments, even with the best company.

From Large Family Mothering Sherry writes a challenging post about homeschooling Have you lost it?

… In our country we do not face physical retribution for having unpopular ideas. We have been conditioned to believe that the goal of our entire lives is to make sure that people “like” us, or understand us, or that everyone should feel “comfortable” with their life choices. All it takes for us as the wimpy, spineless church we are is for someone to get their feathers ruffled, then we immediately back off and recant! …

Home Education: The Strength of Our Weakest Argument

As an exponent of Home Education, I often find myself engaged in the same arguments over and over again. It seems there are not many “arguments” for Christians sending their children to government schools (once you answer the ‘Salt and Light’ argument, the ‘what happens if all the Christians leave?’ argument, and the ‘educational antinomianism’ argument, there’s not much to say). However, one argument that one hears on the rarest of occasions is the ‘superiority of government education’ argument. It seems some people have not gotten the memo and still believe the myth of home-educated imbeciles walking around who can neither read nor write well (and is “extremely awkward” when relating to others), and have little more than a few memory verses (KJV of course) to show for their years of sheltered isolation under the tutelage of their legalistic, under-educated, hyper-patriarchal parents. (by the way, this is only a slight exaggeration of the actual charge) …


Do you still need any other reasons?


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