A Scientist Who Questions Global Warming

All real scientists believe that “Global Warming” is occurring. Right? Nope.

Dr. Tim Coleman is a Birmingham Meteorologist, with a PhD degree in atmospheric science. This is an article of his from the news weather blog. I can not even pretend that I understood all the article and the charts and graphs but I did find the information interesting and contrary to the typical “Global Warming” hype.

Global warming – A review

… Many climate models, similar in some ways to numerical weather prediction models like the GFS, are run to predict the future climate and its effects on rainfall patterns, local temperatures, and even biological cycles. However, we know how inaccurate our weather prediction models are at times! And, IPCC model-based temperature projections from 2000-2009 are apparently wrong. …

Also, as pointed out by Alabama State Climatologist John Christy in his response to EPA assertions (for his report, click here.), running the IPCC models for the past 30 years shows that they greatly overpredict warming. Christy states “the models overstate the warming that has occurred. The clear implication of this result is that the models have an assumed sensitivity to CO2 that the real world does not.” Christy points out that the big model weakness is cloud cover. Climate models indicate that increasing CO2 causes a decrease in clouds, further warming the earth in a positive feedback. Actually, Roy Spencer of UAH has found that warming the earth increases clouds, so the earth has its own “thermostat” to cool things down if it warms. …


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