Encouraging But Sad

I have notice some rather encouraging news lately from secular media sources. I posted about one Feminism Has Made Women Unhappy where I pointed out feminist are beginning to admit that women are more unhappy than ever. They aren’t ready to give up yet, but they are actually talking about it.

Def.Con. posted about an article in the UK in Working moms. The mother realizes that she was in denial that working and being a mom has downsides and has affected her children. The saddest part of the article is that her oldest daughter still doesn’t see the problems with her mother having worked and missed out on large parts of her life.

Then the news had a comment on the headlines from Jon Gosselin yesterday. Now I’ll admit I don’t know much about him but it seems he has eight children and his family is on TV somewhere. The quote from Gosselin is interesting:

“I really have to be a father here. I can’t be a kid anymore,” he continued. “I have to be a man.”

He really said that? Our young men are deciding to grow up!?! The sad part is that it took divorce proceeding to wake him up.

To me this seems to be encouraging news that the World is getting tired of spinning around in circles pretending they are having fun.

But the really sad news ….

When discussing the problems of feminism, mothers being home with their children and divorce guess who is the most adamantly argumentative.

Christian women!

Cries of Christian “liberty” and “freedom” in Christ abound.

“But the Lord knows my heart.”

“Being home makes me unhappy, I’m a better mother when I’m not home all the time.”

For some strange reason the church seems to lag behind the world by about 10 years. So maybe in ten years more Christian women will begin to see the problems also.


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