Feminism Isn’t About Happiness

It seems feminist are increasingly becoming aware that their goals have made women more unhappy over the past few decades.

Feminism Unfulfilled — Why Are So Many Women Unhappy?

“The woman’s movement wasn’t about happiness.” That judgment, attributed to feminist Susan Faludi, seems to be the blunt assessment shared by many other women. As numerous recent studies now indicate, a remarkably large percentage of women describe themselves as increasingly unhappy.

This issue came to light last month in a fascinating essay by Maureen Dowd of The New York Times. Dowd, whose columns often reveal the nation’s Zeitgeist, cited the fact that a number of major studies indicate that “women are getting gloomier and men are getting happier.” She asked: “Did the feminist revolution end up benefiting men more than women?”

We will always be unhappy when we disregard the Bible and God’s plans for us. Feminism disregards both and elevates women above all others; men, husband, children. It’s focus is on self and not on honoring Christ.

Elliot on the Essence of Femininity

The world looks for happiness through self-assertion. The Christian knows that joy is found in self-abandonment. “If a man will let himself be lost for My sake,” Jesus said, “he will find his true self.” A Christian woman’s true freedom lies on the other side of a very small gate-humble obedience-but that gate leads out into a largeness of life undreamed of by the liberators of the world, to a place where the God-given differentiation between the sexes is not obfuscated but celebrated, where our inequalities are seen as essential to the image of God, for it is in male and female, in male as male and female as female, not as two identical and interchangeable halves, that the image is manifested.

Feminism is not focused on bettering the treatment of women contrary to what many women believe. Feminism’s goal is to not to improve the woman’s lot in life but to allow the woman to be in charge of her life. First the parents have their authority eroded by feminism. Then husband’s had their authority and leadership eroded. But the ultimate goal is to remove all authority over women and their choices. Feminism will not be happy until they think they are totally free of any authority God might have over their life.

Feminism – An “Insidious Distortion”

Feminism asserts that woman’s worth is of such a nature that it gives her the right to discern, judge, and govern that truth herself. It infuses women with the idea that God’s teaching about the role of women must line up with their own perception and definition of equality and/or liberation. Feminism does not present itself as an outright affront to the Bible, but it nevertheless contains an insidious distortion that erodes the authority of Scripture.


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