Tithing / Giving and Debt?

During the last two days discussion on tithing and obedience, Gradually Becoming Obedient? and Gradually Becoming Obedient? Working Toward Perfection, the matter of debt and giving has been mentioned. See hmkjr’s comment.

This brings up an interesting dilemma. Whether or not you think tithing is for the NT church, should tithing or giving be done by those in debt?

Since the average church does not discourage or discuss debt with its members, they also do not discuss the matter of giving when in debt.

As Julius pointed out George Mueller would not accept money from a man that he knew was in debt. That got me to wondering what other pastor’s had taught about the issue of debt and giving.

But so far I have found very little information concerning debt and tithing or giving. The general information has been continue tithing (for those that considered it commanded) while working to get out of debt.

Another side issue of the matter of debt and tithing/giving is what about the church that encourages debt for buildings?


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