If You Get the Opportunity Don’t Miss This

Last night my family and I went to the premiere showing of The Mysterious Islands. Not only was it the premiere of a Christian Movie it was shown in the home city of many of those who were involved in its production.

After some difficulty there will be a showing of the movie in Huntsville, Alabama tonight.

Victory in Huntsville

November 24, 2009

We want to commend the U.S. Space and Rocket Center (“USSRC”) for opening its facilities to host a private screening of The Mysterious Islands this week. Last week, I reported that Vision Forum was denied an opportunity to rent out a theater at the USSRC in Huntsville, Alabama after we were told we could do so on the date we wanted, November 25. We appealed the decision and found out from talking to the person in charge that the reason we were denied was because The Mysterious Islands was deemed “inappropriate” for this venue because it dealt with evolution. Continue

I don’t know how you can find out ahead of time about venues in your location but you can always sign up on The Mysterious Islandswebsite.

We all really enjoyed it! Beautiful filming of gloriously different creatures made by the God of all Creation.


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