The “Baby” Is Five!

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My “Baby” is five, no longer should be called a baby I’m sure, but I can’t help it. 🙂

He was actually born on Thanksgiving Day, five years ago.

He is a hoot and keeps us quite entertained.

One day the pastor asked if he could pick him up.

The “baby” was walking by swinging his Bible case a full arm swing, just like children will do.

I said “Fine.”

Then I told the “baby” to “Hand me your Bible case before you clobber the pastor.”

He obeyed just fine!

He handed me his Bible case and walked to the pastor to be picked up.

Next thing we knew he reared back and “clobbered” the pastor!

Talk about being an embarrassed moma.

Especially after everyone said “That’s what you told him to do!”

Needless to say the pastor still talks about it.

Hey, but at least I’m raising a child that will take the bible literally.   Right?

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