Homeschooled Young Adults

There are several young adult and older teens who were homeschooled that are beginning to make some progress in sharing their faith and their lifestyle with others. Two homeschooled young ladies Jasmine Baucham, daughter of Voddie Baucham, and Abigail of Pearls And Diamonds (shared with her sister-in-law Lauren) are examples of young ladies who are striving to serve their Lord, their families and encourage their peers in living godly lives.

One interesting feature of the movie The Mysterious Islands that I noticed was the music for the film. After the film we were able to hear Ben Botkin talk about composing and producing the music for the movie. When I heard his name and that he was homeschooled, I suspected he was related to the Botkin sisters, Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin of Visionary Daughters. Sure enough he is a sibling of theirs. Quite a talented family they have.  We were able to get an audio track of the movie and I think we’ve listened to it several times. Seems he has helped compose the music for several of the Vision Forum Movies such as League of Grateful Sons, The Return of the Daughters, and Jamestown. It will be interesting to see what future projects he gets to work upon.

Teens and young adults can do hard things and serve the Lord. My how I wasted my youth years!

Wonder what the Lord has in store for each of these in the next twenty years?


3 thoughts on “Homeschooled Young Adults

  1. Just wanted you to know I found your website and added it to my favorites so will be checking back frequently.

    I have Blue Coat K9 Web protection on my computer that won’t allow videos or streamlining, so was disappointed I was not able to listen to your videos on music. Perhaps I can figure out how to keep it from blocking that.


  2. Nancy,

    Welcome. I hope you found something to encourage your Christian walk.

    I know the CCM PDF isn’t working right now due to the transition. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. It is a rather large file and broke.

    Interesting that you mention Blue Coat K9. I had just found that last week sometime and had not had time to check it out better. We previously had BSafe but it didn’t seem to work well for us. I want something that is smart and will block pictures right down to all the “bikini clad shrinking bellies” but that if I’m looking up the problems of gambling on society it won’t block it just because it says “gambling”.

    I plan to post about that and ask for others opinions on protection software.

    Berean Wife


  3. Nancy,

    My son fixed the CCM PDF. It is large and will take a while to download. It might still be blocked by the Blue Coat K9 because it does discuss the alcohol use in the CCM groups and the negative examples for our youth.

    Berean Wife


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