Brrrrr !

Weather has been an issue this past week.  We have been below freezing since Friday afternoon and have more days of freezing still to come.  Keeping liquid water for the Goats, Chickens, Dogs, Cats and Fish have been challenging.  Thankfully, we were able to get heaters for the water that has worked well so far.  Keeping the house water thawed has also been a challenge.  The master bath hot water line in the shower froze Saturday night, which of course wasn’t the coldest night expected.  Nothing like standing in the shower with a hairdryer heating the wall and running the house heat up to get it thawed.  Thankfully, it did thaw by evening and we have since kept it thawed by leaving the shower door open, bathroom door closed and draining that water line at night.

We still have wintery precipitation expected for tomorrow which might make things much more interesting, especially for driving and power outages.  No real warm up expected until the middle of next week! 

But we made it to exactly 32.0 degrees today!  Is that above freezing, below freezing or just freezing?  :0   We decided just plain freezing, inside and out.  Of course, the temperature is dropping rapidly at this point in the day.

I’ll take a little more global warming myself.


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