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  1. Thank you for posting this. I really needed to hear it. My heart is heavy right now for my younger sister, who has only been away at college one semester and already has decided that she is an atheist. She had been going to church for a while, but was not raised in church. I was so hopeful…and I witness to her, but she claims that she has made up her mind “and that’s that.”
    Ah, well. To the prayer closet with that issue!

    May God bless all of you,

    P.S. This I will add to my long list of reasons NOT to send my children away to be educated by the world. All I could think as I talked with her was, “Twenty-five thousand dollars in return for a lost soul…what a horrible deal.”

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I’m so sorry to hear that. I honestly, don’t know which is worse having family who reject the Lord outright or having those who think they are believers because they said a prayer once. I have both. Neither is a good thing. 🙁 All you can do is pray for her, love her and hope she will be willing to discuss it. Thankfully, she’s young (We all know everything when we are that age!) there is time for her to decide she doesn’t know everything.

    But thankfully, the Lord will call His own even if like Paul they require being blinded to be able to “see”. But sometimes our good is to keep coming to the Lord with our prayers whether we see the fruits or not.

    I’m not surprised about the fruit of college. Honestly, how can we continue to send our children to Caesar and expect a child of the King to return? Satan will try to take them easily enough without us paying him to.

    Berean Wife

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