David Miller – The Wrath of an Unpropitiated Lord

The seventh message of the True Church Conference 2010 was delivered by David Miller. His text was Malachi 4:1-2. Propitiation is that which is required to satisfy the wrath of God. An unpropititated Lord is the Lord who has not been satisfied.

Modern-day church is a Ponzi scheme. We have to figure out a way to get enough people coming through the front door to replace those going out the back door, But there is a day of reckoning coming.

1. The destruction of the wicked announced (verse 1)

a. The reality of the wrath of God. The day shall come and shall burn like an oven.

Has the wrath of God been satisfied for the non-elect? The Universalist says yes. Jesus died for everyone and everyone will be saved. The Arminian says yes, the blood of Christ is sufficient for all but efficient for those who believe. The Calvinist says no, the blood of Christ only propitiates the sin for whom it is applied. The blood is not potential salvation, it is actual salvation.

b. The recipients of the wrath of God. The wrath of God is on all those who are proud and on all who do wickedly.

c. The results of the wrath of God. They shall be as stubble. They shall be burned up. They shall be left with neither root nor branch.

2. The deliverance of the righteous assured (verse 2).

The righteous will leap like a calf released from a stall. The lame will rise because of the healing within His wings.


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