How will this affect their souls?

This is the thought that should be uppermost on your mind

in all you do for your children.

In every step you take about them,

 in every plan and scheme and arrangement that concerns them,

do not leave out that mighty question,

How will this affect their souls? 


 J.C. Ryle

 HT: Def.Con.


2 thoughts on “How will this affect their souls?

  1. I ask myself this question more and more with respect to my own children. And the more I prayerfully consider it, the more I find myself falling out of step with the culture and even many of my Christian family members and friends.

    Great post!


    Berean Wife Reply:


    This is a question I have asked often when making decisions about my children. The other one was “Is this something or an attitude I would want them to exhibit as adults?” To me it helps to think more towards the future when considering my children.

    But despite the best plans occasionally I just do what is easiest. 🙁 But not too often because “those chickens come home to roost”, in other words I soon regret taking the easy way out.

    Berean Wife


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