So Much Fun

I have gone from not really being interested in studying the Law, through amazed at much of the NT is directed at the Law and not being bound to the Law of Moses and now, wow!  I have enjoyed this so much and learned more than I could possibly write down.  You know the jumping up and down can’t wait to share.  Keeping hubby up too late talking type of fun. 😀

Does that ever happen to you?

Or am I as strange as some say? 😆

I could have never explained Law of Moses, Law of God, & Law of Christ before.

Honestly, I really didn’t care, isn’t that bad!  That was for academics, not for a simple mom.

What has gotten you excited in studying God’s Word lately?


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  1. BW, I have figured out your spiritual gift! You Have The Gift of Teacher! You love doing research, and digging DEEP into the Word of God. (Is this true? You want to know what credentials someone has before you find what they say to be credible? Do you appreciate that someone has a doctorate, or at least some formal education, before you listen to what they have to say? Besides the Word of God, of course.) You almost love the research more than sharing it? Let me know if you agree with my assessment of your spiritual giftedness!:)
    I think this series on the Law and all your research has been amazing, and I can see that you have really enjoyed doing it:)
    Blessings on you and yours,

    Berean Wife Reply:

    Thanks Wendy, that’s sweet of you.

    I would not have normally thought of myself as a teacher as such. I’ve only taught children technically. I just was one of those who seemed to have more to question, share and discuss than the average person could stand to listen to. With the website you can listen or not, but I can still share. :0

    When I’m looking at a topic in Scripture, typically, I study the verse, the context and then the cross references, in that order. Then I move on to commentaries and sermons. The criteria I use for whom to listen to is more based on who recommends them and who influences them. But just because someone is recommended does not make them acceptable, i.e. Piper’s support of Driscoll. I also like to go back to the original inspirators such as some of the puritans, (Edwards, Boston, Merton, Baxter) who influenced others tremendously. These I’m just beginning to learn more and more about them.

    But honestly when it comes to education, not so much, some of the best preachers are uneducated men, in a degree sense. But not in the sense of being unread. Some have started in liberal colleges and moved to more sound teaching while others started strong and then moved wildly liberal.

    One thing that I do after I am secure in what seems to be the teaching of Scripture is too look at those who teach the opposite. Like now looking at those who teach that we must follow the Law of Moses. Why? If after reading their material I question my understanding then I go back and look at Scripture in order to answer that question and resolve that issue. But the key is too only do that when secure in what the plain Scripture teaches.

    I do love the study and research, time is the biggest limiter. The more I dig, the more the Lord reveals. My hardest part about sharing is my brain runs in a hundred tracks and keeping to one topic is hard for me. Some of that is just being a moma, I can respond to the baby, listen to violin and still discuss with my husband while writing out notes. Not that I do them all well and often I frustrate my husband with the distractions, so that limits my being able to share as much as I would like.

    I previously I would have said I was the “encourager” type. The one writing notes and sending emails to others when there was a need or a perceived need. Often just at the Lord’s prompting without any obvious reason. But we have different seasons and that has been more limited just due to circumstances. No telling what the Lord has in store though.

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this series on Law. I’ve enjoyed it also, after some whining and kicking and screaming. :0 My “term paper” is about ready for my husband to read over. That way he can shoot it full of holes and send me back to Scripture. But fun, fun!

    Berean Wife

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