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Since I’ve already mentioned the sale at Alpha Omega Publications I decide to share what curriculum we use.

We have used many workbooks bought from Sam’s, Wal-Mart and book stores.  Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills was a favorite in the younger ages.  We’ve used both individual subject workbooks and combination subject workbooks.

For a couple of years we used Weaver from Alpha Omega Publications.  It is a unit based curriculum which was a totally different style then we had used before.  The children enjoyed the extra activities and the fun things but due to the wide age ranges they didn’t care to all sit together and work on the subject matter as a group.  The faster ones wanted to move on and the slower/younger ones had trouble keeping up.  That style probably works much better if you have children close in age and not too separated in ability.  I decided I’m just really not a good unit study person. 🙁   I have Weaver Volume 1 and Volume 2 plus all the stuff in immaculate condition if someone is interested.  Shipping would be a major issue since this is several large notebooks. 

We’ve used School of Tomorrow Workbooks but my older children preferred the Alpha Omega Publications Lifepacks better.

Throughout highschool we have mostly used the Alpha Omega Publications SOS.  This is computer based but doesn’t require the children to be online.  They work from CD’s or the program can be totally installed so that it doesn’t require CD’s for each subject.  You can network computers such that the curriculum is on one computer and the other computer can work off of it.  This way I can see the school work or even grade it on my laptop while another child is sitting at the main computer doing their school.  Now granted it takes a little computer know how to network and keep it up and running.  But since my Mr. IT works fulltime now I’ve found my 15 year old daughter is able to handle the installation and the computer kinks. Just for some reason moma is clueless. 🙁  

The kids like the instant feedback of knowing what problems are wrong and being able to move on ahead.  Parents still grade written (typed-out) answers and reports.  Plus there is always the occasional misgraded problem or more often mistyped answer that must be dealt with.  Mom likes the reusable curriculum and calculating grades and assigning the workdays so that the curriculum spaces appropriately for the number of school days.

But of course when we get right to the truth of the matter the children learn much more just by being avid readers and by actually living life day-to-day.  The curriculum fills in some gaps and meets the state requirements. 🙂

So what do you use and why?  Feel free to add links to your favorites.


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  1. With my littles, (One will be 2 in two weeks, one will be 4 in 3 months), I am using Before Five in a Row. They both enjoy it since it primarily based on literature: Me reading the books with suggestions of fun activities and conversations based on what we’ve read.

    I also use the BrainQuest pre-k workbook with my 3-year-old. Just give her a crayon and the instructions, and she has a blast showing off what she knows or having me help her with what she doesn’t.

  2. I do not know how to link in comments. But here goes: Tapestry of Grace (humanities, Bible based, WONDERFUL!!). I am a unit study kind of momma. I tend to go a bit overboard. (which amy explain why Samuel goes in costume so often)I love that I buy four years and then reuse it. Just have to add more resource books. Classical Academic Press (Latin, Logic, Greek, Spanish, French, Bible, Poetry) We use them for Latin and Logic. Next week Greek will be added. They have awesome customer support. The have a Facebook page where they interact with their customers, ask customers what they would like etc… And Headventure Land, their new site for practicing their subjects is pretty awesome. Math U See. It is a math program that even I can get. I feel so smart by finally understand the whys, not just the hows.

  3. My daughter is using ABEKA right now, but I would like to do SOS on-line. I have a 12 yr old, and 16mth old. Lord willing, we would like to have more children. I struggle to find the time to grade papers, and to sit with her to go over work to make sure she understands. I forgot to mention this is our first year homeschooling. Have you heard a lot of positives from SOS on-line? Thank you for all your valuable information.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I don’t know anyone who uses the online academy. We use the SOS Computer curriculum which my children like. They like the instant feedback and grading. However, I wouldn’t like the extra expense for the online version. 🙁

    The first year of homeschooling is tough just because you are working out the kinks. Next year will be easier for you. Often the hardest part of homeschooling is the undue expectations we put on ourselves and our children. After over fifteen years of homeschooling I have found children will learn lots on their own if just provided with materials and something that catches their interest. Of course, they still must learn long division and handwriting! Haven’t had many do that on their own. 🙂

    Wish I could tell you someone who does use SOS on-line. Often you can find someone at your local homeschool conference who can tell you about curriculum they use.

    Berean Wife

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