At Least He was Consistent in the Face of Adversity

That is a good trait to have isn’t it?  Well, I hope my baby keeps his consistency in adversity and I pray he chooses the right path for the right reasons.

This week we attended a minor league baseball game.  The home team hasn’t been winning too well and the crowds are very thin.  Kraft Cheese singles has a special deal that if you bring a package wrapper to the ballpark then you can get tickets BOGO (Buy one, Get One free).  It also helps that Tuesday nights the ballpark has hotdogs for a $1.

So there we are sitting down with the 12 year old and the five year old sporting baseball gloves to catch all those foul balls lobbed our way.  The baby asks what team is playing so Dad tells him the Barons and the Biscuits.  Now we have attended the Barons games off and on for years since the oldest was little so we have a few items they’ve given away.  We have several shirts and a hat.  The baby is wearing an old Barons hat which of course is way too big but it was baseball.  I’m afraid we aren’t much in the way of sports fans, we really don’t care who wins nor are we cheering and hollering, mostly just there for the fun of it all.

The baby decides that the Biscuits was a funny and interesting name.  Constantly teasing “Can I eat’em?”  So before the game he says he is for the Biscuits.  We point out that no we are for the Barons that is the home team, that is the name on his baseball cap,….  But no such luck.  He is determined to be for the Biscuits. So he begins cheering for them.  Now the rest of us are just typically sitting there watching but not really into the game, but the baby is really watching and he cheers at the wrong times or right times depending on who you are wanting to win. 

Towards the first few innings the Barons get ahead having gotten in a run or two.  So I encourage the baby to swap teams so he can be for the winning team.  No chance, he is a diehard Biscuits fan by now even if he decided their logo was strange. 

So he continues to cheer for Biscuits.  I even pointed out that most everybody there was for the Barons not the Biscuits.  There were only a few Biscuits fans sitting over their dugout.  My husband suggested we should just take the baby over there. 

Thus the whole game the baby cheered when Barons got out.  Cheered when Biscuits got runs.  Cheered off beat from the other cheering fans.  The whole game!  I don’t know if anyone really noticed beyond us.  Thankfully most people don’t put much store in what a five year old child is doing.  I imagine they figured he didn’t know enough to know when to cheer.  He even remained a Biscuits fan despite the Barons warm up pitchers handing him two balls.  (He shared one with another boy who didn’t have one.)  But still a Biscuit fan wearing a Barons cap.

That will be a good trait for the baby to have in the future.  Sticking with your decisions win or lose, despite others trying to convince you to change, and not being swayed by popular opinion or the crowd.  I just hope he makes his decisions in the future based on more than a strange name and logo.


6 thoughts on “At Least He was Consistent in the Face of Adversity

  1. Showing sign of a strong constitution already. I like this kid, and I don’t even know him!

    Cheese wrappers to go to a Biscuits game. That is funny, isn’t it?

    Berean Wife Reply:


    He is a hoot. I’m sure you would find him so funny to listen to; definitely not the typical five year-old.

    It is a shame that his moma was his biggest hurdle to cheering his team. 🙁 I didn’t want to be embarrassed! Can’t believe how shallow I am at times.

    Berean Wife

  2. I forgot about Barons games! I need to take my 5 yr old grandson! and I have a cheese wrapper! we used to take our grown girls to used car night…cept now they are true wrecked klunkers!

    Berean Wife Reply:


    We enjoy the week night games because they are less crowded and there seems to be less alcohol consumption.

    Plus $1 Hot dogs are hard to beat. 🙂

    My five year old sure loves it!

    Berean Wife

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