Coming Out Of Egypt

Interesting quote on the Law.

Joshua and Caleb

Most who came out of Egypt never really came out of Egypt. They took on the form of Israel reaping many of the temporal benefits of Israel. But the whole way they murmured against God and his servant, even reminiscing about the whip of Pharaoh, because they loved Egypt’s produce and despised the bread the Lord provided. Yet, the Lord held the entire congregation together, using even those who despised him to provide for his Israel. Then of that great multitude, only Caleb and the chosen remnant (the children) were delivered, as the Lord promised. These entered, not by Moses who stood as a type of the law by which no sinner may enter glory, but by Joshua. How our God does work all things together for the good of those he has made little children, faithful dogs, Caleb’s who follow Christ Jesus our Joshua!                               


Pastor Clay Curtis

HT: Don Fortner

Are you looking back to the Law of Moses and murmuring against Jesus Christ and His New Covenant?

Are you striving to enter the Promised Land by way of the Law of Moses and not by Christ and Christ alone?


4 thoughts on “Coming Out Of Egypt

  1. I think, sadly, that many are looking back to ‘Egypt’, or the world, because they want it.

    They feel as though they are ‘missing out’, whatever that means.

    The word of God tells us the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, Gal 3v24.

    But beyond that, we are now saved by the grace of God.

    Only through the blood of Jesus Christ alone, can we now enter the Promised land.

    God bless.


    Berean Wife Reply:


    I wonder how sad it makes the Lord when we grumble and complain like the Israelites did? All the while He knows He has better things in store for us.

    Almost like taking the kids off the swing set in the backyard and them fussing and complaining the whole time you travel the hours it takes to get to the beach. Fussing and complaining because they want to play on the broken down swing set not knowing what treat you have in store for them.

    If the Law could have saved the Israelites then Christ would not have died, most agree with that. But then when they say it takes Christ plus the Law of Moses they have negated the fact that Jesus did it all, finished, and completed. You cannot add our dirty works to the salvation provided by Christ.

    Berean Wife


  2. There are three thoughts coming out of this post for me: 1) It is sad that so many who call themselves Christians are returning to place themselves under the “law” again–amazing. A good study of Romans would be in order for all those who would do this, it would seem. 2) Complaining and murmuring is sin, and condemned, and yet I know that it is a sin which I practice too often. This appears to be one of those “acceptable sins” which you hear about. Lately the Lord has been speaking to my heart that I have lost some of my “hating sin” as I should–tolerating it and making provision for it in my life. I confess it to you, and am turning from it. 3) The flip side of complaining is not being grateful. This past week the Lord spoke through three lives to tell me to BE THANKFUL! When He takes the time to say it three times, you’d better listen! The third time was when we heard a mini sermon Sunday night at Family Fellowship, a large outdoor Christian fellowship time at a family’s home in the country. Besides the potluck that we share, we gather in the outdoors to sing hymns, share testimonies, and hear a brief “sermon”. During the summer, they hold this event, (attended by several hundred people) once a month. Being the third time this week, the third time in a short few days, God seemed to be hitting me over the head with a hammer, saying, “Be thankful–you are so blessed: praise me continually and be more like the leper who returned to say Thank you!” I am trying to break the habit of thinking about those things I would like to be different, and thanking Him continually for all He has given, and for Who He Is! This is a bad habit, and way too easy to fall into. Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings on you, BW!


    Berean Wife Reply:


    So sorry for some reason this comment went into the spam filter which I typically just delete but it was on top. ??? But believe me I’m glad for the spam filter.

    The return to the law is troubling. Just this weekend I heard a speaker encouraging the return to Old Testament Law for believers and for the government. Then of course there are those who say a “real” believer would follow all the Law, dietary, Sabbath, etc.

    I’m afraid complaining is the acceptable sin at least right along with gluttony. :0 Where it gets difficult is determining how to decide what is complaining and what is pointing out error or even sin. Tough because we have children to teach that we cannot avoid pointing out wrong things in others and even in them. My elder sent this link this week which applies to our complaining The Greatest Temptation for Those Zealous to Advance Christianity. It is easier to complain about others than to deal with ourselves. 🙁

    Sounds like the Lord was getting His point across. Thankfulness is hard probably because complaining and a lack of thankfulness walk hand-in-hand. Once you break the grip on one the other is easier to remove. Not that I’ve accomplished it though. 🙁

    Berean Wife

    P.S. The fellowship sounds fun. We had similar with a Bluegrass Gospel concert with many homeschool families and youth with instruments.


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