In Thy Wrath and Hot Displeasure

Here is a new hymn based on Psalm 38 that we are working upon for a future Sunday.  Thankfully, the tune is easy because it is sung to “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus.”

In Thy Wrath and Hot Displeasure

In thy wrath and hot displeasure,
Chasten not thy servant, Lord;
Let thy mercy, without measure,
Help and peace to me afford.
Heavy is my tribulation,
Sore my punishment has been;
Broken by thine indignation,
I am troubled by my sin.

With my burden of transgression
Heavy laden, overborne,
Humbled low I make confession,
For my folly now I mourn.
Weak and wounded, I implore thee;
Lord, to me thy mercy show;
All my pray’r is now before thee,
All my trouble thou dost know.

Darkness gathers, foes assail me,
But I answer not a word;
All my friends desert and fail me,
Only thou my cry hast heard.
Lord, in thee am I confiding;
Thou wilt answer when I call,
Lest my foes, the good deriding,
Triumph in thy servant’s fall.

I am prone to halt and stumble,
Grief and sorrow dwell within,
Shame and guilt my spirit humble;
I am sorry for my sin.
Lord, my God, do not forsake me,
Let me know that thou art near,
Under thy protection take me,
As my Saviour now appear.

PDF of music


2 thoughts on “In Thy Wrath and Hot Displeasure

  1. Awesome! Thank you for this, I want to print it out and share with others, as well as post it on my blog, with your permission of course.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I couldn’t find who actually arraigned the words, but I think the song is in the Trinity Hymnal with a different tune. I’ve been singing it to “Come Thy Fount” Voddie Baucham’s church has a hymn list which had this arraignment.

    Feel free to share, then maybe it won’t be so new to others. There are some good hymns out there. 🙂

    Berean Wife

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