Rivalries, Jealousies, Divisions, etc.

Deb shared this yesterday in a comment and I thought it was important enough to share with those who don’t read the comments.

“What a sweet thought this is, that the Church of God is on it’s way to one blessed inheritance!  The family of God are all traveling to one loving Father.  In a little while, these dear saints of God, who now, through infirmity, and often under the temptation of the wicked one, contend and wrangle for their external differences, minor and petty in comparison with the great and momentous one in which they substantially agree, will meet together in a better land, in a better home, in their Father’s house.  Oh, if shame could crimson the cheek, if tears could gush from the eye in heaven, it would be in the recollection that on earth we allowed these non-essential things to create heart-burnings, rivalries, jealousies, divisions, hard thoughts, speeches, and actions, before the world; thus wounding our blessed Savior, impeding His cause, injuring His truth, and crucifying Him afresh!  Beloved, the saints of God are journeying towards one promised land, going home to one eternal inheritance, traveling to one heavenly Father; and this alone, did no other argument or bond of union exist, should knit and blend in love, sympathy, kindness, and prayer, the different members of the ONE body of Christ, the ONE family of God.” 


by Octavius Winslow (1808-1878) in

The Fullness of Christ Unfolded In The History of Joseph” 

Do we crucify Christ afresh by our bitterness, envyings and jealousies?

Are we contending and wrangling over petty things?

Are we fighting with our own “hands” and “feet” in the body of Christ?


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