When I was growing up often we children were left on our own since my parents were divorced and my mother worked.  I couldn’t tell you how many times we were told to not talk to strangers, let strangers in, go off with strangers, etc.   Now that I’m older and have children myself, I personally don’t think teaching children to not talk to strangers is wise.  Why?  Because how can we ever love others and share the gospel if we are hindered by the “Don’t talk to strangers” warning.  That of course doesn’t mean we should give strangers lots of personal information or be unwise, but “Don’t talk to strangers” has no qualifiers.  It is hard to overcome that as adults.  We tend to still avoid strangers.  Not a good idea when we are told to go out and make disciples.  (Matthew 28:19-20)

Anyway, because I do have some older teen children I’m able to run to Wal-mart or go get gas without hauling everyone with me each time like we did when they were young.  One thing I have told the children and have stressed to the younger children is not to let strangers in the house without a parent here.  That seemed to be a reasonable request.

Well, when the baby was four he all of a sudden got some bright idea.  When I arrived back home after a short trip I was informed by him that he let the “stranger” in!  He said it with much stress on the word “stranger“.  The older children thought it was so funny.  Turns out that right after I left he ran hollering to his room “I let the stranger in!” and hid under his bed.  He has such a sense of humor, but the funnier part is he really didn’t understand what a “stranger” was!  He just knew it must be bad if moma said to not let it in.

Now at five he understands what a “stranger” is, at least a little better, but just the other day he informed me upon my return that he let the stranger in.


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