Moses, a Picture of Christ (More)

Below I’ve added more of how the life of Moses pictures the life of Christ.  The Gospel is revealed even in the Old Testament and the whole of the Old Testament points to the future Redeemer.

Moses Jesus
Long awaited & Promised Deliverer Long awaited & Promised Deliverer

Life Threatened by Pharaoh

(Ex 1:22)

Life Threatened by Herod

(Matt 2:16)

“… men who were seeking your life are dead.

(Exodus 4:19)

“… those who sought the child’s life are dead.”

(Matt 2:20)

Called out of Egypt

Called out of Egypt

(Matt 2:20)

Knew his mission early

(Acts 7:25)

Knew His mission early

(Luke 2:49)

Humbled himself

(Heb 11:24 – 26)

Humbled Himself

(Phil 2:6-8)

Rejected by his people

(Acts 7:26, 27)

Rejected by His People

(John 1:11)

Time spent in wilderness

Spent time in wilderness

(Luke 4:1-2)


(Ex 3:1)

Good Shepherd

(John 10:11)


(1 Cor 10:1-2)


(Galatians 3:27)

Performed wondrous signs

(Acts 7:36)

Performed wondrous signs


(Num 12:3)


(Matt 11:29)

Stoning threatened by his people

(Ex 17:4)

Stoning threatened by His people

(John 8:59)

Provided physical water

(Ex 17:6)

Provides spiritual water

(John 4:13-14)

Freed his people from slavery

Freed His people from slavery

(Isa 61:1, Luke 4:18, Eph 4:8)

Spoke with God

face to face

(Ex 33:11, Num 12:6-8,

Deut 34:10)

Speaks with His Father

face to face

(John 6:46, John 8:38)

Chosen by God

(Psalm 106:23)

Chosen by God

(Isa 42:1)


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