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Here are two interesting quotes concerning the Sabbath.

…It was not, however, without a reason that the early Christians substituted what we call the Lord’s day for the Sabbath. The resurrection of our Lord being the end and accomplishment of that true rest which the ancient Sabbath signified, this day, by which types were abolished, serves to warn Christians against adhering to a shadowy ceremony. I do not cling to the number seven as to bring the Church under bondage to it, nor do I condemn churches for holding their meetings on other solemn days, provided they guard against superstition.”


John Calvin

“If anywhere the day is made holy for the mere day’s sake—if anywhere anyone sets up its observance on a Jewish foundation, then I order you to work on it, to ride on it, to dance on it, to feast on it, to do anything that shall remove this encroachment on Christian liberty.”


Martin Luther


2 thoughts on “Sabbath Quotes

  1. This is really good. Usually such a controversy. I was also interested to find out, via the Webster’s dictionary, that the word “Sabbath” means neither “Saturday” nor “seventh” but simply “intermission”.

    We as Christians, I was always told, keep a first-day-of-the-week “intermission” because 1) Christ rose on the first day of the week; 2) the early disciples met on the first day of the week to break bread; and 3) the Israelites worked and then out of that work they rested; we as Christians, however, rest first, because of Christ’s finished work on the cross. We Christians rest first, and THEN we work.

    They worked and then they rested; we rest and then we work out of the strength God, through Christ’s finished work, (not we) provides.

    A subtle difference, but a difference!

    Berean Wife Reply:


    Interesting point about the Israelites working first then resting versus the Christians resting then working. I had never heard that before.

    A similar quote I have heard is that we are not Saturday Christians still waiting for a Savior but we are Sunday Christians whose Savior is alive to die no more.

    I find it interesting that both Luther and Calvin agree that the Jewish Sabbath is not bound upon Christians. This is contrary to what some churches teach such as SDA and some Seventh Day Baptists. We have entered our Sabbath rest which in the future will be complete.

    Berean Wife

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