My New Toy – Kindle

My oldest son got me a Kindle last week.  I wasn’t sure previously if I would even want one or use one enough to make it worth the money.  Thankfully though the prices now are about half what they were two years ago.  But since I now have one I have found it to be very easy to hold and read from, even easier than many books.  We strive to take care of our books so even with a paperback we don’t turn the cover back upon itself.  That will break the spine quickly and cause you to have a handful of loose pages.

The Kindle has several advantages:

  • Holds up to 3,500 Books.

  • Easily transported compared to carrying several books.

  • The eInk is interesting.  It looks so real we tried to pull the sticker off the screen only to find that the screen displays a picture even when turned off.  It is very crisp looking.

  • Mine is the 3G version which means I can download books anywhere.  There are also other advantages such as email and internet which I haven’t figured out well yet.

  • I have over 60 books on the Kindle and haven’t bought any of them.  They were all Free Books for Kindle.

  • There are a few games that the children beg to play. Actual word games! Such as Every Word.

  • There is a good potential for using it for homeschool because so many of the free books are classics or history books.

  • I can also download directly from Gutenberg Press.  Free again!  I like free. 🙂
  • Others include Many Books,

  • There is a highlighting and notes feature so I can copy important quotes and then later use them on my computer.  Highlights and notes can be seen online if you desire to copy and paste them elsewhere by using the website Your Kindle Highlights.

  • My son has also set up a way that I can send a web page to the kindle for later reading using RekindleIT or Instapaper.

  • I can also put PDF’s on the kindle to read.

  • Kindle Reading Apps are available for free for the PC, iPod and Mac and several other platforms.

  • The kindle will read books aloud if enabled by the publisher.  This is handy as we’ve been listening to Black Beauty while driving in the car.  I can see where this would be helpful for beginning readers.  Thankfully the Computer voice is better than the Computer Sam of years ago that read aloud every period and comma.  But it isn’t perfect, yet.

  • Turns out that with the free email address that you get with the kindle you can email yourself Word documents.  They can be emailed as attachments and then the website will email them back for the kindle.  This doesn’t cost anything, but it isn’t instant.  There can be some lag time.  These documents aren’t editable; however, you can add notes to them.

Do you use a kindle? What do you use it for beyond the typical just reading a book?  Bible Study? Homeschooling?


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