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  1. Would you believe that our church has hundreds of people on roll that I have never met? It was brought up in a council meeting how it looks really bad to have such a large member list and such small donations, attendance, etc. I said we should just take some of the ones who have not been there in 10-20 years off our rolls. You would have thought I was suggesting we do something immoral or illegal. Needless to say, they are still there.

    Berean Wife Reply:


    I would believe it. My husband and I went to a very large SBC in B’ham when we were first married. We remember well the once a year handing out of cards to contact those who were “no shows” for years. Most of the time we would have no clue who they were and yet we were supposed to contact them and get them to come to church. Often the contact information was out of date, they had moved or worse they had died and no one at the church knew about it. Needless to say we hated being pressured to do that. It is different when you know the people or if they had only been gone a short time.

    Many in the SBC have been calling for a cleaning up of the church rolls. Finding out where people are after all these years or else removing them after so many years of nonattendance. It would take work but since we are not supposed to be a denomination who thinks just having your name on a church roll will get you into heaven, seems like it might also help in the long run. But ultimately I think that churches should never have let members slide into the depths but should show more concern once they start fading away.

    Berean Wife

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