Potential Christmas Presents

Potential Christmas Presents, if you do Christmas.  Around here half of everybody has birthdays between Thanksgiving and New Years.  So we are in Birthday Present mode!

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine $49.99 $26.99  From CBDReformed


Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine as low as $26.29 new or $19.00 used from Amazon.

That’s alot cheaper than when I bought the book several years ago.  Shipping might make a difference as to which seller is cheaper.

Couldn’t tell you too much about this set. I have gotten it free for my Kindle but haven’t attempted it yet.

And of course a Kindle makes a great gift for someone that reads alot.  I’ve been enjoying mine.  To me it is easier to hold than a book.   Definitely easier than something the size of Grudem! :0

Now off to prepare for a ball game.  The baby (even if he’s six) is dressed as the Greensocks and some friends are coming over to play ball.  He so excited that he’s wearing batting gloves now at 8:30 and they aren’t expected until this afternoon.   Play Ball !!!!!!!!!!!   Go Greensocks!


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